The Concept 2 Model D is a popular rowing machine that offers some really nice features and functionality. The machine has many positive reviews all over the internet and is actually used by Olympic-level athletes to train. Indoor rowing is a great workout that you can do all throughout the year and works your entire body in the process.

In this article, I’ll lay out the various features of this model and try to cover anything you should be aware of. There are a lot of questions to find answers to including whether this is the right machine for you and what the benefits are. Let’s jump into the performance monitoring and the benefits of it to get things started.

Performance Monitoring

Concept2 RowerThe performance monitor 5 (PM5) is an onboard device that tracks many different stats including: calories burned, speed, distance, pace, and watts. It provides comparable data for every row you make. You’ll be able to store your stats onto a USB flash drive and transfer them directly to a PC or Mac to keep track of how you’re doing. There’s also an app you can download onto your smartphone if you’d rather track your stats wirelessly that way.

Everything on the Concept 2 indoor rower is made to be very user-friendly and the system supports multiple languages. The simple menu guides you through selecting preset workouts, games, and system functions. There’s Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connectivity which allows you to pair compatible heart rate monitors to wirelessly track your heart rate at all times.


pm5-compareThis newer model has several improvements over the older PM4 or PM3 versions. To compare them directly the PM5 has a backlit screen that turns on once you start your workout. You’ll be able to use a common USB flash drive instead of a “logCard” like in the old ones.

There are now 1,000 included workouts compared to only 10 on the previous model. Finally there’s wireless Bluetooth functionality built right into the machine. These features make it much more versatile and convenient to use. You can clearly see the improvements over the other iterations and why this model is a smart choice.

Machine Vs. Racing

Another very cool feature, thanks to the wireless capabilities, is the support for machine-to-machine racing. If you happen to have more than one machine in the same area, you’ll be able to compete against each other in multiple scenarios. It’s perhaps unlikely that you’ll have an extra machine around, but it’s a great addition for anyone that does. We all know competitiveness helps motivate us to push ourselves harder.

Maybe you have a significant other or a friend to have a sporting competition with, this mode is definitely for you. If that doesn’t concern you then perhaps you’d be interested in the exciting Virtual Team Challenge event, which I’ll talk about in the following section. I’d also like to mention, if you have no experience with using a rowing machine, watch the following video to see what the correct rowing technique is along with some tips and other information.

Virtual Team Challenge

concept2 rower apartEvery year the company holds a Virtual Team Challenge from January 1st to the 31st. The goal is to see which group can build up the highest amount of meters collectively. The teams don’t have to be based in one physical location though, hence the word “virtual” being used. You can join anyone from anywhere and work together to rack up meters. This yearly challenge helps give everyone a great incentive to workout regularly. There are also other occasional competitions throughout the year as well.

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Important Facts

Dimensions: 96 x 24 inches
You’ll need an area of about 9 x 4 feet
500-pound capacity
14-inch seat height
5-year warranty on the frame
2-year warranty on the moving parts and PM5
Separates into two parts for easy storage
Low-impact workout
Nickel-plated chain for less frequent maintenance
New PM5 has 1,000 workouts and multiple stat tracking
Flywheel design minimizes noise
Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
Storage Space Requirement: 25″ x 33″ x 54″
Model E Storage Requirements: 27″ x 47″ x 54″


The Concept 2 Rower is a product that’s made in America so everything is built to last. There’s a two-year warranty on the PM5 and moving parts – along with a five-year warranty on the metal frame. The chain has been nickel-plated which allows for longer periods of time between oiling and maintenance. If you’re looking for a quality machine that will give your whole body a workout I’d definitely recommend this. It’s something professional Olympians choose and there aren’t many other pieces of equipment that can compare.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is considered the standard for indoor training. This model provides an effective cardiovascular exercise that can tone your muscles and improve your overall fitness level. Plus it’s something you’ll be able to enjoy doing all year long. The unit conveniently separates into two pieces for easy storage and there are caster wheels that make it mobile.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine Offers

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This model is also now known as the “RowErg Model D”.

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Also, check out the “Model E” version at the following link for the newest offers. The Model E has a seat height that is 6 inches higher than the Model D, 20 inches total, which is similar to a common chair. This is great if you have trouble being lower to the ground and want something a bit taller. You’ll also notice that the monitor arm is extended quite a bit and brings all of the information closer to you making it a bit easier to see. If these are features that sound interesting to you definitely click the link to read some more information and add the machine to your cart for a complete cost.

The model below is also known as the “RowErg Model E” now.

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