The Weber Spirit grill series is a popular grill line with several innovative features that provide an outstanding grilling experience for a variety situations. These models cover many different price points to fit a wide range of people’s needs. Each offers a unique configuration of burners. I know there are many different grills available to choose from. I’ll try to cover as many unique features as possible about this series to help you decide whether this is the right one for you.

Please be aware that most of these models only run on liquid propane(LP). It also does not come with a propane tank, so make sure you pick one up somewhere if you don’t already have one. You won’t want to leave the site without seeing this newest Amazon deal!

weber E210 spirit grill grates

Cooking Grates

The cooking grates on Weber gas-grills come in three different varieties. The first is porcelain-enameled steel, which makes cleaning easy and is pretty durable. Next is stainless steel, which gives great sear marks and allows you to scrub it with a wire brush. Finally, at the top in terms of quality, you have porcelain-enameled cast iron. This type gives you much better heat retention while also being easy to clean. All of the Weber models from the Spirit series are equipped with the best quality grate available.

Flavorizer Bar System

These models also utilizes an innovative feature called the flavorizer bar system, which is a layer of slanted metal pieces underneath your main cooking grate. This has two main functions and benefits compared to grills that lack them. It vaporizes the drippings that fall from your food while cooking and infuses your food with extra flavoring. It also funnels the drippings away from the burner tubes and into the grease collector, so it’ll help prevent the burners from getting clogged and helps stop flare-ups. You will need to scrub them clean every now and then to keep them working properly.

weber grease management

Grease Management System

The system consists of two parts; an angled grease tray and a disposable catch pan. All of the juices and grease that don’t get vaporized by the flavorizer bars are funneled into the collection pan. It’s located well below the burners to prevent any grease fires from occurring. The grease tray is easily removable to make cleaning a breeze and the catch pan is disposable, so all you’ll have to do is toss it out and put in a new pan. The official Weber pans can be found on Amazon: Weber drip pans

Important Facts

Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates
Enough room to cook a 20lb turkey
Flavorizer bar system
Grease management system
Multiple burner configurations available
S210 and E310 models available in natural gas configurations
20lb LP tank not included
Easy to read fuel gauge
Wheels can lock in place
Side tables can fold down on E210, S210
Six tool hooks
Multiple models available: E210, S210, E220, E310, E320
Dimensions: 63″ by 60″ by 32″ (with the lid open)
Warranty: 10-year on the burners, 5-year on the grates, 2-year on most other parts
weber e210


Overall the Weber Spirit grill series offers solid performance with some really nice features. Everything seems to be built to last with quality components that are easy to clean and convenient to use. The porcelain-enameled cast iron grates retain heat much better than stainless-steel ones. You have a lot of different configurations to choose from but they all include the same basic functionality.

The burners themselves come with a 10-year warranty. That’s the most likely part to fail or give you problems over time on any gas grill, regardless of brand or type. This means if you do ever have issues with the burners, you’ll be covered for that time frame. The cooking grates are covered by a 5-year warranty and most of the remaining parts have a 2-year warranty. That’s sure to give you some peace of mind, knowing you’ll have a grill that’s going to last and have lengthy support. Your decision will ultimately come down to how many burners you need and whether you need a grill that uses liquid propane or natural gas.

Available Configurations

I’ll list some of the different models available here for your convenience. Good luck choosing the model that’s right for you! I’d definitely recommend you add an item to your shopping cart to see an entire total cost with any fees included.

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