The DuroMax XP10000E is a gas-powered generator that offers outstanding performance and several convenient features. It’s rated at 8,000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts, plenty of power for emergency situations or any jobsite work.

You’ll find many uses for this machine regardless of it being for home or commercial use. I’ll try to review as many pros and cons of the machine as I can in this post. You can also scroll to the bottom of this article to find any current deals if you’re in a rush. You don’t want to leave the website without seeing this newest Amazon deal!

duromax xp10000e


The frame of the machine is built out of heavy-duty steel. The company even claims it’s portable thanks to the flip-up handle. It does weigh around 250 pounds though so unless you’re Hercules you’ll probably be rolling this between locations. It has 10.5-inch all-terrain wheels installed that will never get flat thanks to their solid material design. I prefer these over air-filled tires, it’s one less thing to worry about.

One of the most important features of any generator is the variety of onboard outlets. On this model, there are two 20-amp 120-volt household outlets to power your standard appliances along with a 30-amp 120/240-volt twist lock outlet for your high-powered tools. It also has a 12-volt DC output that acts as a charger for your rechargeable devices. To round it out there’s one heavy duty 50-amp outlet and one 30-amp 120-volt twist lock outlet.

duromax outlets

The 16-horsepower motor is connected to an 8.3-gallon steel fuel tank that can run for up to 10-hours at 50% power capacity. You can either start the motor by using the electric starter or a standard pullstring. That’s there mainly as a backup, just in case, you forget to have the battery charged. There are meters and dials on the control panel so you can keep track of that sort of stuff. One really nice feature is that this motor does trickle charge the electric starter battery as it runs, some models lack that function.

Important Facts

Warranty: 1-year
Six total outlets
Wheel size: 10.5-inch solid
Dimensions: 27.25 x 27 x 26″
Runtime at 50% load: 10 hours
Low-oil shutdown
Electric/Manual starter
Fuel tank size: 8.3 Gallons (steel)
Starting watts: 10,000
Running watts: 8,000

duromax volt meterThe motor has four mounts that help dampen sound for quiet and smooth operation. With the idle control turned on the generator drops down to 45 dBA from about 7 meters away. With the idle control off it’s up to 72dBA from that same distance.

There are a few safety features built into the machine to help protect itself and its users. You’ll never have to worry about power overloads thanks to the dual 33-amp circuit breaker. There’s a voltage meter on the control panel as well where you can monitor the current output. It also has a low-oil shutdown that will activate in the event the generator runs low on oil. This prevents any damage from occurring to the motor.

duromax voltage switchFinally, this model has a DuroMax RV Switch onboard. This lets you receive the maximum power out of the two 120-volt outlets. You can also choose to run both the 240 and 120 voltages at the same time. Running it in “120-volt only” mode provides full power output.


Overall the DuroMax XP10000E offers great performance and features when compared to competing generators at this price point. The multitude of outlets combined with the dual voltage allows you to power a large variety of appliances. It’s rated at 8,000 watts which should be plenty for most people during power outages, recreational activities, or commercial work. I should mention that this unit is not CARB-compliant, so it cannot be shipped or used in California.

You get a one-year limited warranty included with this model, which admittedly isn’t the longest on the market. With proper maintenance and use, I’m sure you’ll get a long life out of it. The materials used are high-quality when compared to cheaper alternatives. In the end, you’ll ultimately be the one to decide whether the XP10000E model is the right generator for you.

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