The LifeSpan TR 1200i is a folding treadmill with many features that can help make exercising more fun and exciting. That’s one of the most important things for people when they want to workout more frequently. It’s imperative to prevent any sort of repetitiveness so you don’t end up getting bored and losing interest.

lifespan tr1200iIn this article I’ll try to go over the many features to help you decide whether this is the right treadmill for you. It might be important to mention that this specific model has won a few awards over the past few years including best treadmill under $1,000.


One of its best features are the included 17 preset workout programs, which were designed by exercise physiologists. Each one has 20 different segments. These will help vary your routine to give you different challenges. There are also a few “My Zone” modes you can customize to fit your own ability. You tell the machine what you want your heart rate to be and these modes will automatically adjust the speed and incline to achieve that.

The treadmill will save important information about yourself within its memory. Things like weight, age, and gender allows the machine to more accurately calculate how many calories you’re burning. There’s also an intelligent step tracking system that works much like a pedometer so you can see how many steps you’ve actually taken during your exercise.

Important Facts

Belt size: 20 x 56 inches
Motor: 2.5-horsepower
Speed: 0.5 to 11 miles per hour
Incline: 15 levels
17 preset workout programs
Deck suspension: 6 variable-density elastomers
Folded dimensions: 39 by 66 by 33 inches
Capacity: 300 lbs
Warranty: 1 year on labor, 3 years on parts, lifetime on motor and frame

There’s a multicolored LCD screen that provides a wealth of stats during your workout. Things like total calories burned, steps, time, speed, heart rate, distance, and incline level are available to you at a glance. It’s all tallied up every 20 seconds to keep track of your progress. Everything is really easy to control as well thanks to the large buttons on the console.

lifespan treadmill

Purchasing this treadmill model will also get you a membership to the LifeSpan Fitness Club. An online health program where you can track your health and fitness progress, plus receive motivational support as you continue to reach your goals. It’s simple to use too, the treadmill will automatically save the results of your exercises for your convenience. After that you can upload your information to your online private profile to keep track of everything.

Many people like to listen to music while they’re running. This model comes with built-in speakers and an iPod / headphone jack. Just plugin your device and the music will play through the speakers without any complicated settings needing to be changed.


lifespan dashboardAfter you review the features of the LifeSpan 1200i you can see why this is such a popular treadmill among consumers. It has a nicely sized running area of 20 x 56″ and many things that will keep your workout fun and challenging. I also really like the fact that there’s a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. If something should ever happen to those you’ll be covered and be able to get them replaced.

If you’re in the market for a treadmill this is truly a solid choice. If you’re still unsure for some reason, try writing down a list of things you’re looking for and how closely this model matches that. Hope this helped and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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