The FlashForge 3D printer Creator is a dual extruder design with a frame made entirely out of wood. It retails for around $1,000 and comes with some pretty nice features that make this a solid choice if this is your first 3D printer. It’s important to note that there has been a newer model released called the Creator Pro, that has a couple different changes but has a retail cost of around $400 more. If you’d like to read about the new model click here.

In this article I’ll be focusing mainly on the features in an attempt to help you decide whether this is the right printer for you. If you’re in a rush, review the conclusion and check out the Amazon links down below. You really don’t want to leave the site without viewing this newest Amazon deal!

FlashForge Creator Pro


I’ll point out the obvious first. Since this is a dual extruder printer, you can create objects made up of multiple colors more easily than with a single extruder printer. It usually seems like people with single extruders end up just painting their designs instead of using different filament colors. You do get two filament spools included when you buy this model which is nice. They each weigh 2.2 pounds, though you don’t get to choose what color you want. The color is selected randomly by the company.

You have a couple different choices on how you operate the 3D printer. It’s possible to plug in the included USB cable and print directly from your computer. Most people don’t seem to do that though, since the printer may have to run for a few hours during complex prints. It can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you use a laptop. The alternative way is to use the included 2GB SD card to transfer your creations and print computer-free. There’s an LCD screen on the front you’ll use to control everything that way.

Important Facts

Build Area: 8.9″ x 5.7″ x 5.9″
ABS and PLA Filament Compatible
Print from USB or SD card
Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX
Input file type: STL, gcode, x3g
Adjustable Printing: 100 to 300 micron
Adjustable Speed: 40-150 mm/s
Software: ReplicatorG
Included 3-Month warranty (Parts & Labor)
Lifetime technical support
Heated build plate

The wood frame surrounding the machinery is pretty good quality and feels sturdy for most people. A metal frame provides even better support but the wood withstands all of the movement just fine. The build plate is heated, which is a common question people have. This allows the filaments to stick more easily to the plate when starting a print. Some 3D printers don’t have one of those apparently.

flashforge front

The actual usable build area is 8.9″ by 5.7″ by 5.9″. It’s almost 5 liters of space available to print your creations. The included software allows you to scale your object to ensure it will fit. If you want to make something bigger you’ll have to make it modular so you can piece everything together after it’s printed. It’s the easiest way to get around any sort of size limitations.

If you’re looking at buying a 3D printer be aware the software can require a bit of learning. The SD card comes with simple objects you can customize without much trouble but if you want to make something more advanced and complex, you’ll need to learn how to model in 3D space. Hopefully you find that sort of thing interesting. Thankfully there are a lot of resources and communities online you can visit to talk with other people for help. It’s probably important to remind you that you also receive lifetime technical support from FlashForge when you buy this model.


The Creator
Dual Extruder
2x spool holders
2x spools of ABS filament
2x filament guide tubes
Bolts, feet and hex wrench kit
Power supply cable
USB cable


The FlashForge 3D printer Creator is a really solid first 3D printer for most people. It’s one of the cheaper dual extruders available and offers plenty of features for the money. You can read many online reviews from users that love this model. It’s nice that it can accept both ABS and PLA filaments, some cheaper brands can’t. It just gives you more options to experiment with materials and colors for your designs.

It seems there are more resources dedicated to 3D printers every week. If you search online you’ll discover many sites that let you share or download other users designs. Even if you have some trouble designing your own at first, remember this is definitely a learning process for everyone.

FlashForge 3D Printer Offers

At the moment you can buy the Creator printer from Amazon for around $1,000. Click on the button below to visit the product page and view the current price.

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